Should your pet develop a medical condition requiring treatment, they are in good hands with our team of experienced vets.

A thorough initial examination and history taking will take place in our bright, airy consult rooms, flooded with natural light. Our vets might suggest diagnostic tests to fully understand your pet’s condition, for example ultrasound, X-rays or blood tests.

Owners are kept fully informed at every stage of the process so that they understand their pet’s illness, the treatment plan as well as the financial implications.

Many chronic medical conditions can be managed on an out-patient basis with regular check-ups and/or tests at various intervals. For those requiring hospitalisation, owners can rest assured that their pet will receive a high standard of care from our team of vets and nurses during their stay and owners will be updated by telephone daily.

Oncology at Avenue Vets Centre

To be told that a pet has cancer is understandably a devastating and worrying event. We provide a compassionate service to ease the decision making and treatment process. Our very own veterinary surgeon, Lorraine Smith, holds a Masters in oncology; her additional training informs our approach to caring for pets with cancer. When managing these conditions we hold patient welfare and quality of life at the very centre of the decisions we make, and an owner’s views and wishes are respected by the team.