The Wards

Patients staying with us relax in our cosy, quiet wards where soothing music is played and plug-in diffusers emit calming synthetic pheromones. Separate wards for cats and dogs help patients feel safe; warm, supportive bedding helps to comfort them. Attended to by our team of considerate and experienced vets and nurses, patient care plans are tailored to the needs of the individual; medications, nutrition and supportive care is selected accordingly. We know that a calm, relaxed pet recuperates more effectively so every attention is paid to their mental wellbeing also, with plenty of fuss and stimulation provided by the whole team. We have an enclosed run where dogs can stretch their legs and underfloor heating keeps them warm following anaesthesia.

Rabbits and other exotic pets receive the same level of care and attention; we understand the special requirements of such prey species, providing hiding places and the most appropriate nutrition.

Critical patients

We are well equipped to care for critically ill patients and to respond to emergency admissions, with diagnostic tools such as an ultrasound scanner and digital X-ray. We have ‘drip pumps’ which calculate and deliver intravenous fluids to our exact requirement, heat mats for hypothermic (cold) patients, and every patient observation and intervention is recorded by our team, right down to a patient’s demeanour.


We have the facilities to house infectious patients separately from those on the general wards. These patients receive the same level of nursing care as non-infectious patients, we just employ strict hygiene protocols to ensure disease does not spread.

We know the importance of keeping an owner well informed on their pet’s progress, staying in touch by phone or inviting them to visit their pet. Our vets will discuss any change in the treatment plan, including the associated costs, and listen to an owner’s thoughts and opinions on the care we provide.