Cats are highly instinctive and sensitive creatures who can feel wildly out of their comfort zone whenever they leave their usual territory. Though we firmly believe that it is in their best interests to receive routine healthcare as well as treatment when unwell, we make it our mission to reduce stress in cats when they visit us.

Our approach

Every member of our team recognises the importance of being ‘cat friendly’, complying with our policies and thoroughly enjoying the happy, relaxed felines that we get to welcome, treat and nurse daily as a result. We have ‘cat friendly champions’ who constantly check and update our cat friendly practices and who train new members of staff in this way of thinking.

Our facilities

From the moment your cat enters our practice we are thinking of their needs. We have a cat-only waiting area where cats can relax without being in view of dogs.

For hospitalised and day patients we have a separate cat ward, well away from the dog ward which makes all the difference to a feline who is trying to rest, repair and recuperate. This ward is further improved with plug-in diffusers emitting a calming synthetic pheromone into the atmosphere, and cats are given a place to hide should this be their preference.

Handling methods

Handling cats in such a way that makes them feel safe and secure is an art, and it’s one that we train all our staff in. We have a no ‘scruffing’ rule as this behaviour is dominating and unpleasant for a cat. We take our time with procedures and chose medications and sedatives most appropriate to what we are trying to achieve.