Flea Control

Fleas are more than just an itchy nuisance, they also carry tapeworm and can cause flea allergic dermatitis, an unpleasant allergic reaction to flea saliva which results in extremely sore skin. A nightmare to be rid of once an infestation has taken hold of your home, these parasites are well worth preventing.

We stock a range of flea products (tablets, spot-ons and even injections) some of which cover ticks and mites too. Regular, ongoing treatment is definitely recommended year-round. One way to spread the cost of parasite prevention and benefit from discounts is by joining our Pet Health Club.

Worming a pet should form a regular part of their routine healthcare; worming not only protects a pet from carrying and suffering the effects of parasites, but also helps to protect farm animals and people too.

Cats and dogs contract worms commonly through scavenging, catching wildlife and from fleas. An ever present concern is that of lungworm in dogs, which is transmitted through molluscs and their slime trails. A dog doesn’t have to actually eat a slug or snail, because worm larvae can be found within infected slime, all over a pet’s outdoor environment.

We recommend that dogs and cats are wormed regularly, depending on their age and life style; kittens and puppies need extra worming against roundworms which are passed on from their mother.

We stock a range of worming products so that there is something to suit all pets and lifestyles. Why not learn more about discounted worming treatment as well as spreading the costs by seeing our Pet Health Club page?